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The automotive towing industry has been around since the early 1900s, when a vehicle was designed and manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for the purpose of towing other vehicles.

More than 50,000 towing and recovery services operate in the United States, about half of which offer towing as their primary line of business. The industry generates around $10 billion annually. The industry is comprised predominantly of small towing service operators, many of which are “mom and pop” operations generating less than $200,000 annually. However, some are multiple-location, multi-million dollar towing and vehicle-transport companies operating on regional basis.

Towing vehicles is a much more complex industry than people might ever know. Not only does it involve skill and strength, and occasional acts of heroism, but also need enough capital to buy sophisticated equipment and maintain it. They also need to hire, train and retain skilled personnel. Additional costs to be fully operational require tow truck companies to purchase liability and workers’ compensation insurance, and pay legal fees associated with claims.

By placing an Eye3Data mobile Digital Video Recorder (DVR) in a vehicle, all activities can be monitored to ensure the safest working conditions for employees. Eye3Data provides weather-proof cameras as well as cameras with infra-red lights allowing for recording in any condition. Our systems are durable and able to provide quality recording and user-friendly software for play back and analysis.

Use Eye3Data systems to monitor work, track your fleet, and defend against fraudulent claims.

Tow Truck

Tow Truck

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