Safety and Protection is Eye3Mobile Number One Priority

Protect your driving reputation, your equipment, and your wallet with Eye3Mobile! Professional Drivers and Tow Operators know the larger vehicles on the road are often blamed for accidents caused by smaller vehicles. Limited visibility can make reckless behavior by others even more dangerous. Our products can help eliminate blind spots, reduce the amount of time exposed to traffic or weather, and increase the safety and awareness of drivers. Interior cameras can be used to reinforce safe driving habits, or discourage dangerous ones. Verify the integrity of freight with 24 hour surveillance, and rest easy without concerns of vandalism or theft.

Our cameras allow for a variety of different views, including interior and exterior. We can supply mirrored cameras as well, perfect for pairing with a monitor for use in backing or hook-ups. Side mounted options reduce blind spots. Integrated GPS let dispatch track each vehicle, with location updates as often as every 5 seconds! Save money by canceling your GPS tracker, and invest in an Eye3Motion router. Pay your preferred cellular provider for broadband access, and get Live Video in addition to location for any vehicle with a router installed.

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