Safety and Protection is Eye3Mobile Number One Priority

Every school day nearly 22 million children are transported by school buses (National Coalition for School Bus Safety). To ensure the safest environment school systems have installed surveillance systems to record the behavior of both drivers and passengers. In March of 2000, in Murray County, GA, three children were killed in an accident when a train collided with their bus. When the video footage was reviewed it was discovered that the driver did not stop before crossing the railroad tracks, causing the accident. This video proved paramount in the final rulings of the court cases.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are the new standard in school bus safety. Eye3Data solutions provide the highest quality of video and audio recording with user-friendly and feature-rich playback software.

Camera presence alone can act as a deterrent to disruptive or dangerous behavior. Audio and video recordings also assist in identifying individuals when incidents occur and serve as an objective witness.

School Bus

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