Safety and Protection is Eye3Mobile Number One Priority

Public transportation is a $48.4 billion industry that provides passage to more than 10 billion Americans each year (American Public Transportation Association, 2008).

Passengers view public transit as a safe way to travel because it has been proven to be true. According to the National Safety Council (Injury Facts, 2008), transit buses have fewer than .02 deaths per 100 million passenger miles.

Eye3Witness mobile DVRs provide continued assurance of a safe ride by monitoring driver behavior, passenger activities, and road reports around the bus or van. Camera presence alone can act as a deterrent to illegal behavior. Audio and video recordings also allow law enforcement to identify individuals when incidents occur and can be used as evidence during the prosecution stage. Surveillance systems are identified as discouraging to people making false statements and proven to expose false injury claims during accidents.

For example: In November of 2009 Eye3Data equipment proved invaluable after a car crashed into a city metro bus with the other driver at fault. One bus passenger refused treatment at the scene, but days later claimed to have been injured in the accident. Video evidence after the incident showed the passenger refusing treatment on the scene. The passenger recanted after learning of the video evidence. The initial investment for the surveillance equipment was recouped many times over when considering the potential liability that could have been decided in a lawsuit.

Incremental Value-Add

Avoid high-traffic zones: Our Central Management Software (CMS) allows the driver and dispatcher to communicate over two-way audio to report incidents or even reroute the bus to avoid traffic jams.

Passenger internet access: The Eye3Witness feature that allows for remote viewing of audio and video via cellular broadband or WIFI networks can be passed on to riders, allowing them access for email and other internet applications.

Public Transit

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