Eye3Dispatch - Live Video Stream with Location and Speed

Eye3Dispatch is an Asset/Fleet Management solution including remote live views, record file downloads, local recording, GPS tracking and playback, and vehicle group management with a strong logging system. It allows a central monitoring facility to view live video or playback from a remote location, typically via a wireless network.

This software allows the administration to communicate with the vehicle via SMS or Instant Video Alarm Notifications. Integration with GPS and Google Maps provides clients the exact route and location of their vehicles. Eye3Dispatch can be used to alter the routing of vehicles over 2-way audio, reducing the operating costs of managing a large fleet. Geo-fencing capabilities that alert Dispatch when a vehicle enters or exits a pre-defined zone are also available.

Using wireless 3G or WIFI technologies, Eye3Dispatch provides true integration of GPS with Audio and Video. In an emergency, drivers can trigger the Instant Alarm Notification feature, which sends an alarm or "Live" view of the video to the central office or dispatch. For further details on Eye3Dispatch and Eye3Connect configurations, please contact our Technical support hot line at (877) 237-3100.


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